GAP Solutions is a Johannesburg-based Pan-African consulting firm with a network of experienced consultants, researchers, and communicators who provide clients with flexible, high quality services and outputs.


Excellence in Services

Housing Market Analysis

We undertake strategic and local housing market assessments at local, sub-regional and regional level, for individual local authorities, groups, and housing partnerships. Using demographic modelling, strategic research, market intelligence, and assessment of economic impacts on housing markets, we can derive clear and functional analysis of existing and future housing markets.

Development Consulting

We apply our skills, connections and expertise to source the best development and investment opportunities for our clients

Aimed towards developers, our consultancy provides independent advise on the progression of the clients schemes, from the sourcing and purchase of land or buildings, through to the sales and marketing strategy.

Owners Rep Services

As the Owner's Representative, we act as an extension of the Owner's staff managing the day-to-day operations of a project as well as interfacing with all project team members, tracking issues and facilitating and expediting solutions.

We advise and represent the Owner from the earliest stages of the project, starting with conceptual design, through the final design, permitting, pre-construction, bidding construction, commissioning, move-in and preliminary occupancy stages.

Project and Programme evaluation and monitoring

We ensure that projects and programmes are fit for purpose and are delivered efficiently in a focused manner. We undertake project evaluation, base lining, outcomes analysis, beneficiary research, value for money assessments and performance indicators for housing management projects, services, and particular support, advise and inclusion initiatives.

Assert Management

In the affordable housing field, we tend to use a segmented approach to development, but this does not always guarantee the best outcome. The housing need is too great, the funding is too competitive and the margins are too thin. By planning ahead and structuring an approach that meets the client’s expectations for overall engagement/interaction with investors, development professional, local authorities and community/stakeholders... Read More

Compliance & Competency

SOUTH AFRICA BBBEE Compliance in partnerships and hiring

GAP is an EME and has a level 4 BBBEE ranking. All of the project staff and consultants that will be assigned to this project meet the objectives of BBBEE legislation in regard to hiring, with the exception of the project director, who has brought the special skills required to develop and direct the implementation of this proposal. It is GAP’s priority to transfer HR skills and expertise proactively to individuals and companies who fully adhere to BBBEE requirements and intentions. We communicate these priorities to all the consultants and firms we work with and ensure compliance as the work ensues. GAP is currently in the process of adding an additional director who’s BBBEE qualifications will complement our efforts further.

Project management and experience

The Consultants within GAP have a combined total of almost 35 years of expertise specifically in strengthening and growing affordable housing markets and financial access, through analysis, policy recommendations, resource allocation and creation of cross-sector partnerships. We have applied that expertise to our research projects and deliverables and created a network of reciprocity by sharing our insights and our stakeholder relationships. As a result, GAP has established a network of consultants with vested viewpoints from across the housing spectrum, from builders and developers to investors and policy makers, who know each other and appreciate the common connection with GAP. This network bolsters our ability to drive and interpret the findings, craft reports which are easily grasped by wide audiences, and apply the results to actual decision-making at hand. We will bring that full range of relationships, insights and findings to supporting our clients.

Networking and skills development

We have established relationships with other consultant firms operating in the same space as GAP Solutions who have demonstrated local, regional and continental expertise, with whom we are connecting as partners. We are enhancing each other’s capacity to compete more effectively with larger firms, build up our mutual consulting client base and bring greater value to the work we are doing with clients. As part of skills development, GAP Solutions has been trained on CAHF’s dashboard technology. The dashboard application is the fastest growing business intelligence platform in the world, and South Africa is its fastest growing market. GAP Solutions was trained by CAHF in this aspect in order to expand their potential consulting opportunities in a field in desperate need of talent. GAP will capacitate other service providers as we partner with various consultants for work.


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